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About me: I live a Mako Mori + Nyota Uhura + Marvel (and some DC) Ladies appreciation kind-o-life. If you hate these characters, we probably won’t get along all that well. Just saying. That’s it. Bye.

Actual long, long about me: In my public life, I am: a costumer/costume hobbyist/cosplayer/inept enthusiast prone to cobbling things together/person who plays dress-up outside (sometimes in public, where, y’know, people are), a fan person, and a doof. In my private life, I am these things, and also a ninja assassin, or whatever people assume me to really be.

Mostly personal page. For costume photos and talk only, head over to my in-development costume page. This About is as “polished” as it probably gets here — typically far more prone to lowercase, irregular punctuation, and/or talking in the tags here than anything else. 

Demographically, I:

  • am a young adult (legal eagle — worry no more about corrupting the youth!)
  • am American (so take some of what I say with a grain of salt or an asterisk, international Tumblr peeps)
  • was assigned female at birth and identify predominantly as such (in my own definition of what it means to be “female”, that is, and not always so much what is “expected” by standard American popular conventions, at least? She/her pronouns are fine, accordingly! I’m also okay with they/them, if you’d rather. On a side note, I do have a bit of trouble seriously referring to myself as a “woman”, “girl”, etc. independent of phrases like “woman-of-color”, for whatever reason, it seems, so please know that I mean no mockery or offense when I, even jokingly, refer to myself as a dude/guy/man/etc. I tend to refer to myself as a “person” more than anything. Gender!!!!!)
  • am of mixed race and ethnicity (East Asian + Black is the most straightforward and concise race answer, with significant dashes of Native American, and little sprinkles of French and Spanish)
  • am a woman-of-color (see: last parenthetical statement and also the big ol’ parenthetical statement before it)
  • am pan (I have no parenthetical comment on this other than the fact that I don’t really scrutinize and self-examine my own sexuality all that much. It is what it is. I’ll live first, elaborate later, on this one.)
  • have some mental wellness struggles (namely and mainly GAD and depression as of these days; it’s a constant uphill battle, but you’ve gotta do it, right? I’m anxious just putting this information here, attached to a public persona in a public space, but if doing so helps anyone, it’s worth it)
  • have been through Some Life Things (that I’d rather not openly share, but am willing to do so privately if, again, it helps someone get through, somehow)
  • am single (jinkies — only putting this here for fact-tellin’ purposes)
  • am a vegetarian (not the kind that’ll crucify you for eating what you eat, though)
  • certainly have my own sociopolitical views (and no real religious views - I am secular and heavily agnostic, but whatever helps you get through the day as long as you aren’t actively harming and/or disturbing others in order to carry those beliefs, you know?).

In case you were curious and just itching for more labels, I think you can infer fairly quickly where I lie on the political spectrum by some of my posts, but, then again, I tend to be more open about those topics here, and maybe not as much on say, Facebook. Those are just the concrete basics. Want to know anything else? Feel free to ask me! 


Fandoms/This Blog:

The basics of what you will (mostly) find here/some fandoms I belong to (in varying degrees of intensity or “presence”):

Marvel/DC Comics (Mostly Marvel, per the sidebar blurb) | Marvel in all of its forms | Pacific Rim | MCU | Star Trek (including Abrams Trek, which I tag as “nutrek” for those seeking to TS that out of existence) | Star Wars (usually original trilogy and some prequel stuff, but moving gradually back into the EU that served as part of my fledgling geek home) | Tron | Skyrim (mostly posts about my character, Eedris, who is a badass magic-slingin’, one-hand weapon-fightin’, morally-grayin’ Dunmer, and her adventures) | Animation (GIF + Conventional - Cel + CGI)| Film | Art | Fashion (mostly street, as I don’t pay that much attention to high fashion and that whole world anymore) | Fandom (I do the ship thing sometimes, too, so Tumblr Savior #soc ship stuff if that ain’t your life) | Costuming (flares up around con season) | Music | TV | Video Games (not always of the best quality or current generation) | Tag Commentary (notoriously bad about tag ranting/leaking) | [Intersectional] Feminism | Posts About/Against -isms and -phobias (so if you’re adamantly against seeing things related to, say, racism, sexism, homophobia, and the like, you might want to bust out your Tumblr Savior or just avoid this main, personal blog) | Text Posts (mostly not funny at all, usually life + nightbloggy or passive-aggressive eyeroll-y posts re: comic/fandom things or current events) | Personal Posts (this is very much a personal page and space for me, more so than pretty much any other “branded” outlet) | lowercase - e-linguistics - AAVE - bad wurds - outdated slang - references - and “Proper English” - my Tumblrspeak is distinct and hard-to-pin sometimes | Science fiction genre stuff 

By Marvel Comics, we’re talking:

  • Avengers (especially pre-NOW! New Avengers)
  • Women of Marvel (a lot of them)
  • Daredevil (And all of Matt’s Poor Decisions Rendered Beautifully by Alex Maleev & Friends)
  • Marvel Knights / Street-Level Marvels / Heroes for Hire
  • Spider-Man / Spider-Fam (Peter, Miles, Jessica, Anya, Kaine, Flash, etc.)  
  • Carol Danvers (in all of her manifestations - I am not anti-Ms. Marvel or the costume, so, yeah, please no Ms. Marvel shaming or erasure in my face, thanks — I relate to her in those years the most, at this point in my life) 
  • She-Hulk (please, no gross fan art or Juggernaut references - that wasn’t even 616 Jen)
  • X-Men (especially Storm, X-23, and other female X-peeps. Except for Emma Frost. Just not about that Emma life, sorry. And Magik kind of bores me, too. Her brother’s cool, though!)
  • Deadpool (Go on, roll your eyes - Read Kelly’s run and get back to me) 
  • Misc. weirdos (Defenders and other random assemblages of offbeat supers) 
  • Some Cosmic (because space and comics and GotG movie in August 2014)
  • hahahaha well okay pretty much the entire Marvel U except for Asgard (I like Sif and Valkyrie???) and Marvel Mystic (haven’t read much of any - does Nico Minoru count?) 
DC is more like: 
  • Teen Titans (mainly the perfect 1980s New Teen Titans, with some smatterings of the cartoon, which I still very much enjoy, but appreciate for different reasons than the comic)
  • Starfire (especially/mainly pre-52 Kory)
  • Batfam (Especially Batwoman and Cassandra Cain. The Robins are growing on me, too. And Batgirl Beyond is just lovely.) 
  • Some Wonder Woman, Zatanna, the rest of the JLA, and others
In general, for comics: 
  • Superheroes being idiots, making poor decisions, being ridiculous, being cute, doing mundane things, or ending up in compromising situations 
  • Awesome/funny/adorable fan art
  • Classic (okay, mostly Silver and Bronze Age) Marvel and DC and all the retro-hilarious greatness that comes with it
  • [Strong] Feelings About Fictional Characters
  • Cover art, panels, pages, a few State of the Industry / Sociology related posts here and there (when I feel they are warranted or when a good one comes along to reblog), tidbits, creator-related stuff, comic history, butts
  • The main owners of my poor little bruised and battered heart vary, but these guys are usually on heavy rotation: Jen Walters, Carol Danvers, Matt Murdock (I have a love-hate-ridicule-adore relationship with him, see: #matt tag), Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Maya Lopez, Ororo Munroe, Koriand’r, Elektra Natchios, Misty Knight/Colleen Wing/Danny Rand/Luke Cage (yes all four all at once Daughters + Heroes appreciation life), and on and on. I like the MCU Avenger roster folks (especially Clint now that Fraction’s doing big thangs in Hawkguy), too, but I don’t honestly post that much about Tony & Friends because they already get a whole lotta love from the fandom, feel me?
I would list other fandoms in detail, but who am I kidding? I post and reblog mostly comic or comic-related stuff these days. As mentioned, I like Star Wars (my re-exploration of the EU books that I read in my formative years is still pending, however, although I recently have come into quite a few newer EU novels, so, we’ll see), Star Trek (namely, TNG, TOS, and NuTrek - currently rewatching both series and then DS9 and Voyager. I love pretty much everyone on TNG — yes, even Wesley’s all right by me — and would argue that Data + Geordi are the best science bros), Parks and Recreation (especially on that Donna Meagle + Tom Haverford + Ben Wyatt appreciation life), Tron/Tron: Legacy/Tron lore, Adult Swim (more weird and early stuff than simply just Family Guy / King of the Hill, though I’ll watch those shows sometimes [less than I used to]; I miss the Harvey Birdman / Space Ghost / Brak Show type stuff and like, Super Milk Chan), Tim & Eric (yeah, yeah, I know), The Walking Dead (TV), and other cool stuff, I guess. I don’t know, man. It’s all just whatever. 
But I really do like my fandoms. I just so happen to forever be residing in the House of Ideas. I am continually worming my way into more, gradually migrating into the other Big Facets of Modern Geek Fandom (Firefly’s the current conquest; I will get past Caprica and into the new BSG eventually, promise, along with rediscovering this little thing called “anime”). Always feel free to yell at me with things you’d think I’d like.
I simultaneously try for depth and scope when it comes to fandoms, which means that for some, I am almost troubling obsessed, while for others, I am far more casual and enjoy them for the entertainment value, but don’t, say, dress-up as the characters, write fic and meta and analyses about them or the work, or buy as much of their merch as possible.  
Arthouse and foreign film, adult animation (actually, this is pretty much a fandom), alternative comics (I admittedly post/reblog less indie/alt/retro/sci-fi/vintage horror/non-cape comics than I should), Space Age aesthetics, Japanese lit + film + aesthetics (which can get into genre territory, and thus, fandom territory, but my appreciation covers a different area overall than pop Japanese culture; that sounds pretentious, and for that, I feel the need to apologize), comedy (black, satirical, anti-, absurdist, Internet, what have you), Art Deco, Bauhaus, New Sincerity, Postmodernism (New Sincerity and Postmodernism? At the same time? Yeah. It’s hard being sincere and cynical at the same time, but if superhero comics can manage it, so can I), Surrealism, Futurism, “street art”, and all sorts of music (acoustic-based and electronic-based are the main strict divisions, I guess).
I obviously keep favorites, but I’m open to trying out most things, especially where music, movies, art, fashion, and comedy are concerned. 
Some other things that I like: ”ethnic” food, street food (beyond just food trucks and trendy-cool pop-up stalls — night markets! I miss them!), modern architecture, skyscrapers, glass/metal/black wood/primary-colored plastics, Mid-Century Modern interior design, Memphis furniture, Mod fashion, Space Age fashion, “street style”, robots (at most points on the Uncanny Valley), arcade gaming (especially Galaga and Tekken), the colors blue/gray/white/black/red, “odd” subcultures (I cosplay, don’t I?), video games (just now working through the current generation of console gaming and online gaming, so bear with me; current fixations range from Super Hero Squad Online to console properties like Skyrim and AC - I also make use of my free PSN Plus membership and frequently download timed trials of other games, which I often keysmash about after the hour’s up, like Dead Space), Shiba Inus, pandas, octopuses, dolphins, and fake fleece blankets, but you’ll most likely see less of those on here. I’m only one person, y’all! I’m giving it all she’s got, Captain. There’s just a lot of great shiny super green media to consume out there these days. 
serious bidness

I can veer into more serious subject matter dealing with issues of race, gender, sexuality, representation, and equality on multiple occasions, and sometimes, without warning. Usually, these posts pertain to comics and other “geek” media, but sometimes, they’re broader and address society and/or human rights in general. Those can vary. I can soapbox like the rest of ‘em. I consider myself an intersectional feminist. Take it or leave it.


In closing:

Other fandoms may feature, but I mostly keep it in line with the Big 2. Okay, I Make Mine Marvel more often than not, but not always. But, to be honest, I do post/reblog whatever I want. Reblogs are more frequent because I often browse from mobile. Apologies in advance. If you’ve made it this far, you’re pretty awesome. Have a panda:

Okay, that’s it. I really should’ve and could’ve summarized all of this with a single ridiculous gif, but I’m shrouded in enough mystery as it is, or something. 

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. 

Hi, I'm Socies. Superhero on the weekends. Marvelite by nature.
Comics, costumes, (semi-intelligible) commentary.

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