Here is my Facebook.

Okay. I do have one friending policy, but it’s not that bad or restrictive, I promise.

If you do add me, which, hey, I don’t mind — new friends! — and you’re from Tumblr, please let me know that when you send a friend request.

Here’s a couple of examples:

"Hi, I’m superradurlthatistotallyreal from Tumblr! What’s up?" 

"Hey, it’s thisurlissomuchbetterok @ Tumblr, mind if I add you?"

I request this because most times, you Tumblr peeps share 0 mutual friends with me, and go by different names/aliases than what I might know you as from here (and I also don’t know what all of you look like by memory, usually if we’re not in a mutual follow deal), and I tend to get quite a few friend requests from seemingly random people outside of the costuming/fandom sphere that are a little suspect, and as such, try to weed out the potential bots, creeps, and harassers. That being said, in doing so, I’d really rather not weed out actual people who are interested in my costumes and/or befriending me, so this method helps me out a lot in that way.

If we’re in a mutual followership, DEFINITELY don’t hesitate to message me on here or Facebook and let me know, because I’d hate to ignore a buddy. And, of course, if your Facebook profile photo and/or name would be recognizable to me because we’re buddies, you don’t have to send a clarification message (but feel free to send other messages)!

Hi, I'm Socies. Superhero on the weekends. Marvelite by nature.
Comics, costumes, (semi-intelligible) commentary.

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