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I should live in a cave. I should live in a cave and have no friends. No family. I should care about no one. Just live in a cave and go out at night to break bones and teeth… …but then…I’d probably be even more crazy than I already am…

Gideon Emery as Matt Murdock

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I have finished reading Captain America! At least until next month’s issue comes out.

Therefore I bring you the Gallery of Captain Facepalm.

Left to right, top to bottom: Avengers #7, 1964; Avengers #106, 1972; What If… #5, 1977; Captain America #268, 1982; Captain America #282, 1983; Captain America #250, 1980; Captain America #398, 1992; Captain America #425, 1994; Captain America #15, 1999; and Captain America Annual #2, 1972. 

That last one’s just in there because he looks like he would be facepalming if he could.

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(Spider-Man, Ryōichi Ikegami, written with Kazumasa Hirai, c.1971)

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Tony Stark/Iron Man’s “Bleeding Edge” Armor in Fear Itself

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X-Men #013

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I could take him! - Avengers #228


I could take him! - Avengers #228

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a superficial detail about winter soldier led to a thought that is really sad (as if anything about winter soldier is not really fucking sad)

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Twitter hash tag!! All time fav Marvel characters :D!! 


Twitter hash tag!! All time fav Marvel characters :D!! 

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All-New Ghost Rider 002 (2014)

All-New Ghost Rider 002 (2014)

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I thought for a while that my son would never be interested in my comics. I was afraid they would just represent another club he couldn’t join: all those big-jawed white guys with their hair parted to the side. But thanks to Spider-Man, my son imagines himself jumping on giant robots and saving the city. I hear him doing that behind the door of his room.

 -Chris Huntington, “A Superhero Who Looks Like My Son”


i want to be beautiful and awesome and butt-kicking and less complicated. i want to be you.

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Hi, I'm Socies. Superhero on the weekends. Marvelite by nature.
Comics, costumes, (semi-intelligible) commentary.

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